We – The People – are changing the way of doing things.

New ways of feeling, connecting or exploring bringing back the old good methods.
The way we interact with nature.

The way we travel the world.

The way we handcraft a pair of shoes.
We believe good things are made to stay and last.

From past to future, generation by generation, starting from Today.

And you. What do you revive?

The feeling that we have when we stare the sea. A perfect way to find ourselves, to reconnect with yourself.
That’s the way that We Revive Connecting, finding the origins, the basic elements, the sea and its waters as an expression of the constant change and transformation.
Maians is born in this essence. We not only revive the creation of a traditional shoe, we also revive the fabrics we use. Our goal is always use 100% natural fabrics and sometimes, small pieces that have been forgotten over years…This is something that many generations of shoemakers have been doing, from father to son, until Today.
Every shoe, every fabric, is connected to nature and tells a story by itself.


Oscar always felt the need to have the daily contact with the sea. His way to connect and also disconnect is surfing waves. The feeling of freedom, the way that the time stops, the essential connecting between him and the environment.
Like the sea, Oscar feels the need of constant movement, he’s a passionate versatile human being. With a long list of projects behind him: Start his own bag brand, or be a surf professor to be a model…. He works lots towards his personal goals with his characteristic vital attitude.
That is the way that he revive connecting. With his surf board, finding his own spaces between the waves every day.
Discover more about him here @OscarRubio.
Big Thank you Oscar for being part of our story through the eyes of
 Olga de la Iglesia (Photography) and Aleix Rodón (Video).