We are proud to announce our new collaboration:

Maians + Yurbban Hotel

As you already know, Maians is always opened to collaborate with same life thinkers. Yurbban hotel opened their doors under the claim of :

Life as a native.

We totally agree and understand the feeling, the best way to be in a new place is to live the life as the native do: walk their streets, eat their food, feel the whole vibe of the city being a Life Walker.

So there we are, in this Barcelona hotel with our Handmade in Spain shoes.

Maians is a Barcelona based shoe label founded by three independent characters with one common vision: to create a footwear brand built on three key pillars – 100% Handmade in Spain, Barceloneta Lifestyle and The Sole Revival.

We brought the new Sisto Combi 2 Line to their window.

Our special selection for Yurbban Hotel is with our classic Sisto Combi 2 remains true to its origins.This winter it comes with fine suede to bring elegance to your winter outfits. Its the Maians classic urban shoe combining colors,fabrics,textures and the vulcanized rope sole.


There’s something strangely natural about walking through the streets of your own city with a friend who has never been there before. Each street, each taxi, each act is new and exciting. What for us is routine becomes extraordinary through their eyes and what seems extraordinary to us, becomes marvellous.

We are Maians. We are Life Walkers.

Our fabric is oiled leather and it does not require an intensive care.

Use a soft and colourless horse fat cream in order to preserve the nature and color of the leather.

The more you use your Maians, the more unique they will be.