For the first time in our history.
We are proud to introduce you our new Leather Collection.

As you already know, our first collection was born in 2008 with one unique aim: to recover the traditional methods and moulds from the Spanish shoemaking heritage and bring these designs and techniques to our current days.

This is how we created our very first model Sisto: a 100% vulcanised shoe, made of natural rubber and combined with colourful local fabrics as cotton or suede.
Since then, we have been working with incredible artisans who became family, learning more and more about the shoemaking industry and launching new models every season like Calisto, Pepa, Ines, or Rufino.

And one day, we thought: What if we create a shoe made of 100% leather?

After years of researching, Alfonso de la Fuente (co-founder and designer of Maians) found a new factory in Aragon, also owned by a shoemaker family, that introduced us to this new world of handcrafted leather shoes.

Combining the creativity of our design team together with the know-how of this traditional factory we created 3 new models that joined the Maians Family: Leon, Mauro & Silvio.

As all of our timeless styles, this new Leather Collection is 100% handcrafted in Spain, enhancing one more time two of our three main pillars: Made in Spain and The Sole Revival.


This line is handmade in 100% high-quality bovine leather from the Girona Pyrenees. Due to the special climate of this northern zone of Spain, this leather is recognised as durable, breathable and very comfortable. The soles are made of thermoplastic, a well-known material for flexibility, durability and a light weight.


1. There are more than 100 people involved in the manufacturing process of each shoe.

2. Our factory has been doing this type of shoe for more than 40 years, using only traditional techniques, generation by generation.

3. The process to prepare the leather usually takes around 10 steps and more than 70 days before arriving to our factory.


Our fabric is oiled leather and it does not require an intensive care.

Use a soft and colourless horse fat cream in order to preserve the nature and color of the leather.

The more you use your Maians, the more unique they will be.