Ulli & Uta. From The Alps With Love

Nature is the best source to find inspiration .

Ulli and Uta are a very sweet couple living in the Austrian Alps. Ulli is a middle age man satisfied of his life, wishes and feelings and Uta is an energetic woman, fulfilled with love for her life, family and nature.

Ulli and Uta are both originally from Germany. Ulli is from Hamburg and Uta from Black Forest and they met in Eifel 30 years ago where they used to work together, but they fell in love with each other last year.

This lovely couple before they decided to establish themselves in the Alps, they have lived all over the world.

Ully has lived in Sylt where he highlights that it was the most successful time in his previous business. About Austria he likes the fact that he can simply be him and is where he has built his business “Heimat”. Uta has lived in Uruguay, which she claims that it was her most amazing experience. “Meeting the Latin American lifestyle was awesome and it brought a lot of joy in my life”

About Ulli’s business, “Heimat” which means arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend. It consists of a nature resort where people can connect with nature.

“I felt a great positive connection, I felt home” – Ulli

They both claim that the best part of running a nature resort is that you’re never alone with your solitude.

This adventurous couple has lived many adventures in the Alps but they’re most exciting one was when they walked up to the 2nd highest mountain Austria 3667m – Großvenediger

When we asked them what is their favorite plan for a Sunday morning lost in the mountain, their answer was to wear their maians, have breakfast and walk through the magic woods of the Alps –they are great for walking, playing with the dog, to relax -.

“Being outside, enjoying nature it is the greatest gift”- UTA

 When talking about inspiration this nomad couple gets all the inspiration and energy that they need from nature.

 They affirm that their perfect plan while they are wearing their Maians is during any leisure time.

Uta describes a life walker as someone that try, walk and love, meanwhile Ulli describes a life walker as comfortable, lifestyle and sporty.

Website: www.heim-at.com


Ulli wears Sisto Black and Uta wears the Charo Setter. Discover this one and similar models here.