TingFang. Street Photographer of souls.

Without knowing the destination, intuition always brings you to new, good places.

Tingfang has the fantastic ability of bringing positive energy to anyone, anywhere. The minute you say goodbye to each other, you are looking forward to see her again. She has it. The unique gift of connecting with people’s souls.

TingFang is a street photographer but a nomad spirit above all. “My mission is to observe and record the trivial details in life that everyone has taken it for granted. The world is a wide playground. If you never look around, you will never know how unique your very own culture is and how different other societies are”. 

After living in Paris – where a big part of her work was born –  she is happy to be back at home for a while. Taipei is an incredible city. The place to find the balance between tradition and modernity.

“I love big cities and the idea of being lost. Without knowing the destination, my intuition always brings me to new, good places. It’s so rewarding”. This is her personal way of meeting all the people and places you will discover on her visual stories.

“From my point of view, an ideal picture speaks for itself. I would rather to say nothing and let my audience decide for themselves. Art is subjective, and I think it shouldn’t be defined by anyone. The world is full of diversity and imagination and that’s what makes the Earth so fascinating”.

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