The Founders Of Maians

The revival of old good things

The story of Maians started when destiny brought together our 3 founders: Chad, Nete and Alfonso.

By that time (back in 2008) Chad was coordinating his own company Monta Mundo, distributing goods around the world, Nete was sales director of Nudie Jeans – our talented designer – was involved in his very own interior design studio “Pichiglas”.

Alfonso was the one who brought the first idea on the table: He always wanted to design a product, something connected to our Spanish roots and see the people enjoying an authentic product in other parts of the world. He was not familiar with the footwear industry, but loved the idea of reviving the old styles born in the 40s and 60s. Those shoes our grandparents used to wear with style and one day were forgotten.

Chad and Nete directly loved the idea, so all together they jumped into a van and drove from Barcelona to La Rioja to meet the traditional shoemakers in person. This is how they met the owners of our current factories; local businesses with a long and strong story, coordinated by the founding families, generation by generation.

After a period of research, understanding the incredible know-how these factories may bring to the project, they decided to create a footwear brand born on this idea: Revive the old molds and techniques of the Spanish shoemaking heritage and bring it into our days.

And we will call it “Maians”! – Suggested Chad.

Maians was once a barrier island located in front of Barcelona, right in the middle of the sea. Over centuries this small island became part of the peninsula and nowadays is what we all know as La Barceloneta district.

Our 3 founders felt always connected to this lively barrio: the waves, the mix of people, ages and culture, the colors, the incredible food…

“Barceloneta represents a very unique lifestyle. It’s not like other beach districts in the world. It goes much deeper in a very authentic way. You can see a group of old men playing petanque and waving to a group of young surfers heading to the beach. It’s a very special and unique atmosphere”

Since then, Maians has been growing year by year, launching new lines and models, using always traditional techniques like our vulcanized soles. “Every style is an ode to the old good times” – explains Nete. “That’s why every style has a traditional name from the Spanish roots: Eugenio, Aurelia, Bartolo, Pepa, Sisto….”.

This artisan, handcraft process is the true origin of Maians but every year our team keeps innovating: new fabrics, co-brandings (discover Maians x Octaevo and new lines like our current Leather Collection).

> And from past to future: How would you describe the people who wear Maians, nowadays?

Last year our Maians team launched this project called Life Walkers. The main idea was to showcase the story of the people who wear Maians and really believe in our story. Very different people, from all around the globe, who share a similar way of walking through life.

“A life Walker is someone who knows that nothing is written and that the choice is in their hands. Someone that is not afraid of what other people may think and live their life with their own style and walks in different roads”.

Nete Ortaez, Girona.

Chad Weidmer, San Francisco.

Alfonso de la Fuente, Valladolid.

Discover their story here:

Instagram: @Maians

Facebook: @Maians.Plimsoll

Twitter: @MaiansPlimsoll

Chad is wearing Sisto Chambray and our new leather style Mauro. Nete wears our fall style Domingo model and Alfonso our first  collection of GTI model. Find these models and more here.

Images photographed by Simpson Kim /