Sofia Grau. The Fashion Nomad

Inspired by the gorgeous and non-stop rhythm of a big city.

Sofia is young at heart, doesn’t take herself too seriously and is always looking for adventures and new experiences. She believes in the power of positive thinking, loves a challenge and has a lot of love to give.

She is a citizen of the world in the full sense of the word, born in Buenos Aires, raised in Bangkok, to then move to London, to finally establish herself in Berlin where she is building her next adventure!

 “I think each place has shaped me in some way or form, I definitely took something from every place I lived. It was culturally enriching but also challenging. It made me very adaptable but also came with some hard lessons in goodbyes. It made me a bit of a nomad at heart”

Currently established in Berlin city that she had hated at first and now  fell in love with, due to its creative vibe and the feeling of individuality. “You’re allowed to be whoever you want to be here, no need to conform to anything and freedom is everything”

Sofia is running 2 big projects under one same name “She comes in colors”, one is her fashion blog that she had since 2011 “”, and the second one is her swimwear brand called SCIC  as a result of her living in Thailand and the desire to develop something of her own. “Being South American, the love of beach culture and the female body sort of runs in my blood!”

Inspiration is everything for Sofia that she finds it everywhere, specially in her travels.  “Anything can inspire me from the color of a tropical fruit, to an exotic flower or even an old photography from the 70’s”

She describe a Life Walker as someone relaxed, fulfilled and energized. “The key word here is Walker”

“I love wearing my Maians on weekends when I meet friends in town for brunch. Or strolling on the boardwalk in Miami as they’re the perfect summer shoes!”

Instagram: @shecomesincolors

Sofia wears Sisto Combi 2 Navy Discover this one and similar models here.