Simpson Kim. Capturing all that we missed.

The moment I take a photo is one of my favourites, because I can do everything that I imagine happen on the frame.

“A Life Walker is someone who always have a passion for their own dream and it is ready to leave anytime, to anywhere.”

That is the way that Simpson is, always ready to travel, expand horizons, visions and blow our minds with his vision of them.

New York, he observe patiently the streets and gets ready to shoot the best of them, the people walking on it. Simpson (originally from Korea) started as a lifestyle photographer on NYC, an endless place of inspiration and creativity. He posts all his job at OMGOOD (the name of the website it´s for the sound of  “Oh my Goodness!”.

After consolidate as a professional, he still curious and moving constantly, growing and joining lots of projects meanwhile travelling around the globe. Meeting new places also new strangers (one of the things he enjoys the most). The whole world waiting to be discovered with his camara.

When he´s not traveling, Simpson lives in the vibrant city of Seoul a place where old things and new things co-exits, he loves walk around and visit galleries  “It’s a way to broaden my outlook on life.”

Besides that Seoul is his hometown, if he have to think in a perfect day, that bring us back to Barcelona. The energy of this city and the people from here, left on him a great impression. He remember the last time that was in Barcelona with a really nice memory: ”…It was a very sunny day in November. Barceloneta beach, with some snacks, wine and my Maians shoes.  I walked on the beach for a while after drinking some wine there, It was fantastic day that i’ve imagined since childhood.”

Simpson wears Rufino Perforado. Discover this one and similar models here.