Sandra. The Free Spirit Photographer

When the ocean gives you the answers that you´re looking for.

Our new Life Walker is Sandra from Terrasa (Barcelona), she is 24 and she is the definition of a free spirit. She is a photographer, illustrator and founder of the studio Like a Fish and above all she is a surf and nature lover.
Her love for photography didnt came up at first glance as before dedicating herself to photography and illustration she studied for 2 years journalism.

When she was a kid she loved to draw but when she grew up she decided to study journalism in Barcelona. After two years she noticed that most of her notes where full of her drawings, and she was always interested about all the artistic events until the point that she realized that she missed drawing and to create things. It was at that moment that she made a radical change in her life and decided to study Design Management. As they popularly say its never too late to do what you like!

Even if Sandra is still young, she already has many professional experiences making of her an efficient asset in her field, she worked from local tv channels, journals to a fashion brand and in every of this professional experiences she learned something and grew up professionally and most importantly it helped her to understand what she truly likes: photography and illutration.

“From my different internships i learned that you have to be spontaneous, to be a problem solver, to know how to communicate with other persons and learn as much as you can”

Another major passion of Sandra is surfing, activity that she has been practicing for 5 years now. She discovered this sport during a work trip in Gran Canaria. What she enjoys the most of this sport is that she is able to disconnect with everything to simply connect with the sea. It is right after her surf session that she feels more creative and comes up with new ideas.

“It is after surfing when i feel more creative, because each wave is different, the concentration is different and you think how you will confront each of these waves”

It was right after this trip that she came up with the idea to combine photography and surf and it was when she decided to create Like a Fish studio, which is a brand of photos and illustrations related to the surfing world and how the surf philosphy make you grow up as a person but never showing the surfer itself.

Moreover all of her pictures are taken with an analog camera. She decided to use this kind of camera because she likes the mistakes and marks that it leaves in the picture. According to Sandra it makes it more natural and authentic. She uses the grain of analog pictures as the protagonist of the image and the texture of watercolor to symbolize and represent the sea.

“I like the idea of not knowing how the picture will come out”

She chose to call her studio Like A Fish as life is about to see it like a fish, go from sea to sea, meeting new people,cultures,philosophies…

Her perfect day while she is wearing her Maians, it is when she can travel to any new city where the spirit of surf, adventure and sea are present.

Sandra defines a Life Walker as a dreamer, an adventurer and a fighter. Someone who does not care to make mistakes. It is an explorer that gets up very early and smile when he opens the window because its sunny. A traveler with challenges, goals and above all eager to understand and learn.
“A Life Walker is a hiker looking for questions in different cities and finds the answers in the middle of the ocean”

Website: Like A Fish Studio

Instagram: @likeafishstudio

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