Roberto Barrueco. Cultural Connector.

When I talk about an idea, it’s because I’m working to make it real.

Roberto is unstoppable. His mind is always thinking new ways of connecting cultures, people, ideas through visual projects. Born in France and currently living in Barcelona, this man is like family to us and we couldn’t be happier to tell you his story!

“When I arrived in Barcelona – yes, already 20 years ago! – I fell in love with the city at first sight. So then, I told myself: You need to find the way to create something in this city and stay in touch with the Barcelona’s culture scene. The truth is: I didn’t want to leave!”.

After 20 years in this town, we could say Roberto is half French & half Spanish. “I really love both countries, but what I called home is here, in Barcelona. France gave me the critic point of view (I know, very french) and Barcelona gave me the injection of endless creativity. This city makes you feel invincible. You feel you create anything you have in mind and make it happen, with more or less money, but there is always a way. People are open to help and get involved in anything connected to creativity. This is something very unique. The only thing I would miss from France is Government’s help. The process here is much much longer”.

And this is how MECAL Festival was born!

“Next year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mecal! It’s being such an incredible adventure. Professionally and also personally. The project started through my passion for visual projects. One day, traveling, I attended to a short-film festival and was amazed by the experience. When I went back to Barcelona I realised nothing like this was happening so I decided to jump in the pool and create MECAL”.

We personally love the festival and can say is the perfect mixture of visual impacts, not only cinema.

“We wanted to bring not only science fiction short-films, we showcase also documental projects, videoclips, video-dance, awesome advertising works…anything related with visual exploration”.

Roberto agrees the best part is to meet all the people behind each film or visual-project. Actually, this was always the aim: Create a platform that will give international visibility and voice to upcoming or unknown projects. “The research is the part I enjoy most”.

Talking about inspiration, he says the best tool is traveling. 

“Inspiration comes when I have (real) time to stop and think and this happens in big doses when I travel. It’s not easy to find this pause in your daily rhythm. During a trip, you always find a moment, a place, to stop and  get lost in new ideas…And it’s there where the magic happens!”.

Discover more about Roberto and his project MECAL Festival here!

Instagram: @mecalfestival

Roberto is fan of our classic, Sisto Combi 2. You will find this one and more colors here!

(Photos taken in Café Trópico -El Raval- one of our favourites in town!).