Pablo.Converting your passion into your working place.

When gastronomy represents a lifestyle and bikes are symbol of freedom.

Pablo Pardo is from Argentina, who arrived in Barcelona when he was only 20 and what it had to be a small vacation in the Ciudad Condal it became his house by establishing himself in our beautiful city.

“I fell in love with this city and, even I know pretty well most of European cities, I can say: Barcelona is the most beautiful one. I always say it’s like internet in real life, people come and go from all over the world”.

Pablo has 2 passions. Gastronomy and bike. “Gastronomy is  part of my lifestyle and bikes are my symbol of freedom, they can bring me wherever I want”.

Pablo claims that through these 2 passions he has met amazing people, where he was able to establish strong friendships, and from those friendships especially with 2 good friends , they launched “RAW” a cycling magazine, focused on urban cycling and at the same time they created “Raw Santafixie Team”, to compete in major races in the world as the Red Hood Crit (Formula 1 fixed-gear bikes)

They´re greatest achievements with the Raw project it is that they have been able to have Santa Fixie, Dosnoventa Bike as sponsors and many other sponsors that support their project.

“Nevertheless my main passion is my little princess, my daughter, Addaya”

This passionate father, has planed to travel around the world with his bike who claims that the advantages are endless.

“You have your very own vehicle which is clean with our environment and you can discover incredible places. Also, when you travel with bike people are more open to you”

When Pablo goes to an adventure needs to take with him 4 essential items which are:

-Backpack and good shoes  “I need to feel comfortable in every moment because when I travel I never stop”.
-A camera so he can catch every single moment and places.
-His bike obviously to ride through the city with total freedom.

What Pablo expects from his trips, is to discover the reality of each place, the authentic places far from the tourist zones. Meet the local people and create new good friends.
“Life is too short to miss all the good things the world has to offer. When you travel, you grow and change from one day to the other your way to see the life”

From his gastronomical passion and also field where he has worked for 11 years now, he decided to create last year his very own project along with 2 friends, the “Rolling Food” project, that consists on a food truck, where they offer gastronomical food, but they also do pop-ups, caterings and coffebreaks.

What Pablo finds very interesting of running a “Street Food” business, is that it is a business that is constantly growing in Barcelona, where he is able to meet people that make great things and learn from them.

He describes a life walker as someone passionate, friendly and adventurous.

His perfect plan while his wearing Marians is to have a walk in  Barna along with his daughter.


Pablo wears Sisto Rejilla Beige. Discover this one and similar models here.

All the images were taken by the amazing corean fotographer Simpson Kim.