Olga.An ordinary day.

About way to have a wonderful day.

Olga de la Iglesia is a photographer and art director from Barcelona, but above all she is as a human being concerned with understanding the world, life and the behavior of other humans.

“For me that’s the most  important, my profession it only the means to express it”

About her style in photography, Olga believes in the power of color and how it influences the mood of the people.

“I think color, shape and composition among them are a key part of my work and I think that perhaps the only thing I would like to convey to through my work its joy, that dwells in each of us and sometimes we are unable to find”

For olga women are independent, natural and free. If she has this vision, it’s because she was raised in a house full of men but her grandmother and mother were both painters and they transmitted her the passion of painting,to love art and to fight for her passion. Moreover, in her life she met people and friends that has trengthened that feeling and without knowing it they were transmitting that ideal to other women.

When we asked her what is her source of inspiration, she answered spontaneously “The world”, the world that we live is an endless source of inspiration for Olga. She finds it in the streets, friends, people, anything colorful, spontaneous moments and in women.

But she specially finds inspiration in the Caribbean and Third World countries, due to the fact that people living there are less attached to the material goods and they are more spontaneous and free.

“People there are more attached to nature and things that comes from nature like food and raw materials… they need less things that we do, and that fills the human being with something much more pure and authentic inside”

From the inspiration that she finds in the Caribbean countries she created a very special project called “Refresco”.

“Refresco is literally a kind of recreation of what is in my imaginary or what I like to surround myself, colors, muses, the amazing nature and design”

Refresco is a project of art and design that focuses on the Caribbean countries based in Barcelona. In this project she works directly with Dominican Republic and Haiti artisans, where they explore different materials, processes and shapes as they want to establish a relationship between design and craftsmanship. They create handcrafted pieces inspired by the spirit of these cultures. With this project they propose a fair trade in order to contribute to the economy of impoverished areas.

Their goal with this project is to revitalize the Caribbean crafts and to insert it into new markets, with this project they hope to draw attention to the potential of manual labor.

About her daily life in Barcelona, what influences this spontaneous photographer is the light that is born everyday and she always tries to make something useful.

She defines a wonderful day, as a day where she can learn something meaningful, and can bathe in the sea because its a sunny day.

What Olga gains from those “wondeful days” are stability and interior peace.

Her favorite plan for a Sunday morning is to have an amazing breakfast and wait for amazing things happen in the world.

She describes a Life Walker as someone observative, enthusiastic and  life lover.

Her perfect plan while she wears her pair of Maians is to go for a walk, smile a lot and maybe have some drinks near the sea.


Instagram: @Olga de la Iglesia

Olga wears Pepa Rejilla White. Discover this one and similar models here.

All the images of Olga were taken by the amazing corean fotographer Simpson Kim. https://www.omgood.co.kr