Mirko Stränger. The Surf Shaper with itchy feet.

“I have been surfing since I was 17 years old. Shape boards ended up being my vocation. “

Mirko is a German by nature but he always had the need of travel around the world. He left Essen when he was 17 years old,  and he was always fascinated with traveling and discovering new places. His first stop was France with some friends and there was where he found his biggest passion: surf and shape surf boards.

“When I was living in Costa Rica around 2001 I meet a guy from Cantabria who show me the word ‘Sandez’ which is a spanish word to say ‘fullishness’ and I love it! That is the way that we started the surf brand Proyecto Sandez, with some tees and surfboads”.

Even that he tried with other materials, the Surfboards that he makes since 2006 are entirely made of wood (he uses and special wood called Paulownia, this kind of material is really light and flexible.)
“It take me over 40 hours to make each board, people who buy them really understand all the work that is has been done behind”.

Mirko has lived all over the globe, but he decided to settle down in Barcelona. A city with all the things he needs, beautiful weather and the sea. He is living here with his lovely family over 6 years now and even he wants to keep on discovering new places, for first time he’s not able to pick a new one:

“I think that this is a good sign, it means that I’m confortable here.” 

We didn’t ask Mirko what is a Life Walker for him, but certainly he is one, always ready to swap places. He lives through his passion, his family and the sea, wherever he goes.


Mirko wears Sisto Rejilla Khaki. Discover this one and similar models here.