Miguel Johnston. He is Bendito.

In Madrid, doors are always open.

Miguel and Madrid. Madrid and Miguel. All the things you would say about this city will also describe this uber-positive and non-stop entrepreneur: open, dynamic, realistic, hard-worker and also, endless fun. He is like the city!

Miguel is the founder of Bendito Company and Bendito Sonido, two fascinating projects driven by one of his passions: The Music. “Everything started when I was working as producer in a music studio in the center of Madrid. There I discovered the whole industry and how actually works. Years later, I decided to create my own music label and Bendito Sonido was born”.

“The creation of Bendito Company came in a different way. I have never thought about working in fashion, it’s not really my thing. But working in the music industry gave me the idea of creating unique apparel connected with artists. Then, little by little, the artists moved from musicians to illustrators and I started my own clothing label”

His project breathes more art than fashion. The aim is to bring the art pieces of Spanish artists into fabrics. Give them voice on a different level. “You kind of grow together with the artists. Becomes like a big family. Now I’m planning to expand the project worldwide and start working with international artists. Next stop: Bendito Company in Mexico!”

But Madrid will be always the place to come back. Looking through his window we feel this city’s special vibe. “There is always something to do here. Life it’s so beautiful and comfortable; very rare things for a big city”

A Sunday with Miguel would sound like this: “I would head to one of the cool events organized by Matadero. Then walk to Malasaña and stop by La Rue Creperie to taste their incredible pancakes. Spend the rest of the evening on my terrace surrounded by good friends. My home is always a meeting point, and like in Madrid, the door is always open”.



Miguel wears Sisto Ante Mark in khaki. Discover this one and similar models here.