Mayte Esteban. The polyedron woman.

It’s hard for me to think I won’t be mutating into other versions of myself.

Mayte is a fighter, a dreamer and a mutant woman. Her mind is always in a constant state of perception “The hunger for learning and experiencing new things, the thrill that brings meeting new people and learning from them and the openheartedness to life that lets me experience and nurture my identity”

She’s being in Barcelona for over a year now, but before that she walked and lived all over the globe after leaving Republica Dominicana: “I’ve always felt very connected to my culture but in a strange way, living back home wasn’t always so inviting to essential parts of myself, it’s kind of hard being in touch with your sensitivity and expand in different ways when you grow up in a rough country, so it was a very young age that I felt and knew I needed to create that space for myself, and that it end up translated into moving around.” 

Mayte has the braveness and the character to feel like home in any place around the world:” I spent some time traveling a lot between DR and NY but that wasn’t really living, even though it helped getting adjusted to the distance you build between two places. Then it was Buenos Aires, that was tough, it made me grow like 10 years all at once, I got there completely alone but ended up creating very strong bonds and learning a lot. Currently I live in Barcelona, it’s been a rollercoaster but with time it becomes ‘’easier’’ or smoother in some way. Let’s see what happens after this first year of adaptation, I’m excited.”

“Barcelona it’s at first sight  a breathtaking and beautiful city. Then you start peeling off all the layers. To me it’s like a small town with a heavy energy flow happening all the time, a hybrid between a small city and a huge one. Very inspiring.”

Talking about inspiration, she admits that music it’s a big part of it:

” The Internet & music is also very important to me. My roots are also a huge source of inspiration, there’s a lot to be explored and it’s exciting to know that a lot of areas are yet to be touched or worked on”.


Now she’s starting a new/old personal project:

“I just got a space in a shared studio, the studio happens to be new, I used to work with ceramics in Buenos Aires and there I have a kiln plus some space and materials to work on some furniture too. It’s only my third day working there so let’s see what comes up. But I’m sure it’ll be a fusion between everything I’ve learned and worked on before, we’ll see “.


My three words to describe a Life Walker: “Open, passionate & exciting”. 

Discover more about Mayte and his art project here!

Instagram: @maaayteesteban

Tumblr: Mayteesteban


Mayte is fan of our classic, Fatima Rejilla Beige. You will find this one here.