Mattias the history buff

The magic of the archives.

Mattias is half Scottish, half Swedish, living in Stockholm. Mattias is a sports and history lover or of anything that can thrill him.

“Spending time with family and friends also defines who I am”

Besides of being a history and sports lovers, he is also a nature lover. “I enjoy having close access to a lively city core and at the same time having nature close by”.., but he also claims that Stockholm is the perfect city to be curious as there is plenty of good museums(which now are admission free!) and also that there is a big variety of cuisines.

Mattias loves anything related to history and cultural heritage issues which drove him to study history at university and became archivist.
“Maybe that wasn’t my exact plan from the start, but I like how things can take several turns and steer you in different directions”

What Mattias enjoys the most from his work is the ability to transform and unsort a bundle of documents into an organized and accessible archive. He loves the fact that through his work, researchers and the public can find the answers that they are seeking.

Matthias didn’t just lived in Stockholm, he lived in many cities in order to fulfill his curiosity, which were Umeå where he enjoyed trail running through the dense pine forest. He also lived in Lund to which he recommend us to visit the cathedral and have a walk beneath the roman architecture buildings and  of Stockholm his favorite spots are vintage stores where you can always find a bargain and the Baroque Hall of the Swedish history museum.

“The city you live in should have history and some sort of a pulse or unique feel about it. If you have either of those in your city, I believe you find the inspiration needed for making your time and work more interesting.”

He defines a life walker as someone who is jolly, curious and open-minded exactly just as him.

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