Mathieu & Rachel. Love, Design and Rock & Roll.

When enjoying the simple things in life is the key to success.

“A Life Walker is someone that goes through life with passion and will. Someone that is not scared to fail and tries different things. Someone that always tries to turn his ideas into reality, his dreams into stories”.

They are Mathieu & Rachel, Montreal-based beautiful couple, proud parents of an amazing nine-year-old girl called Simone and founders of the creative concept LOWELL.

LOWELL is a brand, a store…and also the beginning of their story!

Everything starts with Rachel, who knew since she was a child that she wanted to be a fashion designer. She moved to Montreal to study Fashion design and briefly worked for the industry. There, she understood something: in order to be happy she needed to make her very own project…

     However, for Mathieu it was a different story. He would never imagine that one day he would work in fashion. He never saw fashion as a “work” option. He studied Political Science in Montreal and went to study for a year in Buenos Aires. He had to come back to Montreal, for  couple of months to get some papers and then go back to Argentina to finish his Master’s degree. Life had other plans for Mathieu as during these 2 months in Montreal, he met Rachel! They fell in love and Mathieu never went back to Buenos Aires…

Then, they started working together in Rachel’s projects, making fashion their own thing.

After working together in Rachel’s handbags Project “Rachel F”, they opened a boutique in Montreal called LOWELL. This is when the idea of creating a line of unisex bags came along and then, suddenly, a new brand was born!

LOWELL are 100% fine leather bags handcrafted in Canada. Each bag is thought of, designed, conceived and made in their very own workshop in Montreal. “Our main goal was to offer pieces that reflect the renewed vitality of Montreal’s design while honoring the manufacturing past of the city that we love so dearly”.

The name LOWELL is inspired by the city in Massachusetts USA, historically known as a hub of textile mills and manufacturers.

“LOWELL is made to last in time and defy passing trends. Accessories that will follow you, year after year. No bells and whistles, just a sleek look that brings forward the craftsmanship, durability and quality in all of our pieces, which are entirely made here, in North America.”

Each collection is inspired by Montreal’s lifestyle and their aim is to create unisex, practical and good looking bags that would suit for everyone. Their creative process starts by drawing the inspiration found in good friends, the family and the people they met on the streets…

“Montreal is a « small » city with big dreams. It’s intense and hard-working with endless summer nights that can stretch until morning. It is authentic, simple and design. It’s a city anchored in its past whilst forward looking. The perfect balance between fashion and heritage, between work and fun. And that is exactly what we’re trying to do with our brand. We want to incarnate our city and its values: as designers, but also as manufacturers”.

Some of their favorite things to do in the city are to go out for a drink, discover new bands in their favorite venues, get lost in the city’s alleys, play hockey on an outside ice ring, play late night « pétanque » in a park… In resume to enjoy the simple things that makes life so amazing.
That’s why Montreal is their number 1 city, because it is where their hearts and souls belongs.

Mathieu wears GTI style in grey and Rachel wears Aurelia white.

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