Lin. The Globe Trotter

Not all those who wander are lost.

Lin describes herself as an ordinary girl, but truth is there is nothing ordinary about her.

She embraces life to the fullest. Life for her is about living it, it’s about ejoying the simple and smallest things. For Lin, life is really about working, enjoying, surfing, drawing, building, creating, and falling asleep at night knowing that you have made the most of these simple things.

“When I work, I work hard. When I travel, I travel hard. I do everything as intensely and as best I can.”

Lin has studied architecture and has worked in an architectural firm after graduating but she didn’t like the experience at all.

“I think that an office desk is not enough for me, after traveling the world. I’m hungry for more traveling and more discovering”

So far she is enjoying her life on the road. Although she admits that sometimes she feels confused, she admits that life is confusing anyway. She is also very thankful about every person that crossed her path, as she thinks that somehow they shaped her as the person she is today.

What pushed Lin to travel that much, was when she met all the Europeans students that came for an exchange program in her school. That was the spark that cheered her up to get to know other countries.

What she enjoys the most about her travels and nomad life it is that she can live anywhere she wants and feel like at home.
“I found out that I have the ability to feel at home anywhere and everywhere. It’s empowering”

When we asked her what it’s her favorite place or country. Her answer was that she doesn’t have any preferences, she loves every country that she visits. She thinks that each place has its own quirkiness and likable qualities.

From all of her trips, her most memorable experience, it was when she travelled from Mendoza to the south of Patagonia. In the bus station of Mendoza, two men approached her and stole her backpack where she had everything in it, leaving her only her passport and a bit of money. Luckily Lin, met a woman that was sitting next to her in the bus that took care of her. Offering to Lin true hospitality in a moment of true need. The woman offered to Lin a place where to live, gave her clothes, a bag and some money,she treated Lin as she was a member of her own family.

“To this day, I can say she is one of the most heartwarming and memorable person I came across”

As a creative person Lin gets inspiration from the places, the people and the things that surround her, that’s why traveling has been so enriching to her.

A cool project where Lin has worked was the construction of an Eco-Village retreat in collaboration with the Lemurian embassy. In this experience Lin lived in nature and helped in whatever it was needed. She did a bit of landscape design, painted, made fire, cooked. She loved the fact of being away of the materialistic and greedy people of the city.

“I always dreamt of having a village where I can put all the people I like and sustain ourselves. I hope in the future I can do something like that”

Her plans for the future is to travel all around the world again, and discover countries and cities that she never visited before and just follow the flow.
“I used to think that I wanted to visit a certain number of countries by a certain time, like collecting stamps, but I eventually realized it’s not about that. I prefer to go with the flow and live”

The favorite Maians pair of Lin are the Rufino Rejilla Blue. She likes the contrast between the bright turquoise with the green and the white and also she finds them easy to get on and to walk around as they are a very casual pair.

She describes a Life Walker as someone creative, laisser-faire or casual and instinctive.

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