Jona. The Natural Rocker

The musician who knows how to make a vegan lifestyle look cool.

Jona Weinhofen is an animal rights activist, professional musician, model and entrepreneur! In his spare time he likes to enjoy different fitness activities and hiking, riding his Harley Davidson, and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Jona is a guitarist for quite some time now and it all started with his first band when he was in high school, making him realize that he was really into music. Jona started a real band when he was 17 while he was at college studying music industry and audio engineering. His band was called “I killed The Prom Queen” and began to gain a lot of popularity. In 2007  he joined the California band “Bleeding Through” where he gained more recognition and in 2009 he joined Uk´s band “Bring Me The Horizon” which again has helped him to ascend his career.

What he loves the most about music it’s that he can be creative and he can assume many roles at the same time such as musician, manager, artist, merchandise designer and more.
“There is something magical about knowing that an idea which stems from an experience or small piece of inspiration, can become a song which people can really identify with. A song that can help guide people through a difficult time in their life, or accompany some of the amazing times they may share”

Jona as the complete artist that he is, he needs a main source of inspiration that will help him to come up with amazing songs and messages. This inspiration, he gets it by listening to other type of music, especially music outside of the genre he plays and then he simply personalizes it with his own style.
“Most of our music contains a message, about taking the dark times and making them light, about triumph over sadness and darkness. Our music can sound aggressive at first but that energy is what inspires passion in people”

Actually Jona lives between LA and Melbourne. His heart belongs to LA, he has lived there since 2007 even if he has moved a lot to different cities in the meantime. LA is the city where he has met his wife, built special friendships and it is also a place where he has a unique connection with the ocean, connection that he established ever since he was a child.

Meanwhile in Melbourne, Australia, is where the members of his band are based, he describes it as a very inspiring city in terms of art and music with an amazing lifestyle and with abundant flawless vegan food!

He describes Australia as a more laid back place with mellow culture and attitude , where it’s all about taking it easy and not having any worries.

His number #1 city is Adelaide, city where he was born and spent his teenage years and also where his family lives. Even if he travels all around the world he always try to make time in his agenda to go to Adelaide.
“ In Adelaide you practice a healthy lifestyle by having a vegan diet and your Instagram periodically showcases some yummy meals!”

One of the hobbies of Jona is to cook vegan meals during his spare time, lifestyle that he truly believes in and in it’s benefits.

“My vegan lifestyle is hugely important to me and I think one of the best ways to showcase the benefits of the lifestyle is through the amazing food and good times we share. Many people think vegan food is very bland and boring, mainly consisting of salad, but through my instagram and cooking for my friends I show them that I can literally make any dish vegan. I can make everything from a cheeseburger, to a pizza, to a cake or donut. Obviously these aren’t the healthiest examples, however it shows that you can make anything vegan, and the vegan alternative is always healthier”

A perfect day for Jona while he is wearing his Maians, is when he can spend his morning in a yoga class taught by his wife, followed by a home made, tofu scramble breakfast and a lavender almond milk latte. After that, he goes to his home studio to record some musical ideas for “I Killed The Prom Queen” and other personal projects. Then he might take a break to go to Laguna beach and spend some time by the ocean, or hike the top of the world trails. If the weather is especially nice he rides his Harley Davidson motorcycle along the Ortega Highway through the canyons into the sunset.

He defines a Life Walker as somebody who makes the most of every moment. Someone that follows its passions, travels, creates art, connects with mother nature, find love and share kindness.

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Jona wears Calisto Lavado Beige and Bernardo Beige. Discover similar models here.

All the images were taken by the amazing photographer Ian Maddox.