Jeffrey. The Bohemian Musician

Just Keep on smiling.

From Manila to Berlin. Jeffrey, grew up in a small neighborhood in Manila, that made him start to be curious about what’s going on around him, not only in the Philippines but also what’s happening around the world.

When growing in Manila he was surrounded by all sorts of Music which led him to travel to south east Asia making him a nomad to finally end up living in Berlin. “I’m like a sponge still hungry for everything, life, experiences, places, people, and specially Music. I believe that we will never stop learning as long as we are alive”.

True music lover since his childhood as he was surrounded by a family of musicians, where his dad played piano and violin and his mum would join him singing. “This led me to believe that music is an expression of your own soul. A tool that help you to connect and touch other people making everyone happy, regardless of their color, race and religion”.

As an artist the moment that he enjoys the most is when people engage with him while singing by smiling or by seeing them happy through his music “that’s the moment when I feel myself 100% fulfilled”.

As a globe trotter, he believes that the easiest way to differentiate a city is by the food, which leaves a lot of impression and character about the place, the culture and the people.

“It’s not easy to choose one place of a city but if I have to choose I would say…

Manila: Boracay!

Bangkok:  Jatujak Weekend market!

Berlin: the lake or lay in the sun on a Park-Summer in Berlin!”

Currently Jeff is part of the visual merchandising team of Uniqlo, that he defines as a “never ending learning and very creative experience” where he enjoys to work with creative people from all around the  world.

 “Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to open your mind”.

When we asked to Jeff to describe a “Life Walker” he gave us instantly 3 words: Adventures, experiences and learning!

Instagram: @jeddbdberlin

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