Hegedüs Norbert. The life goal is happiness.

I got my inspiration from the people that is around me, my family and friends are happy and creative minds.

Norbert as a genuine humble let himself define in word of his friends “he finds the beauty in little things and details – it’s true that I’m a little enthusiastic with life little pleasures.

Originally from Budapest ha has always lived in these city and seeing it change over the years. Now he’s absolutely sure that the city it’s on its  best “Budapest is my true home. Budapest is on it’s zenith today. I find Budapest a fast developing relaxed place, where you can find your entertainment whether you are 20 or 80 years old.”

Norbert has this glow around him, a cloud of good vibe that surrounds him and his personal project. He’s a person who likes to have his family and friends close. That is a reflection of his personal project right now, he opened this design store in the coolest hood in Budapest with one of his best friends “I met my co-owner at the age of 16, when we became friends and decided to run our own business together. We found our interest in vintage watches. We started to collect them and a few years later we ended up owning our first store in the hearth of Budapest. Today we are running two different businesses. One with the vintage second hand watches. One with mostly Hungarian design products. We try to collect the coolest Hungarian brands we know and present them in our design oriented store.”

He’s a really calm and relaxed human being even the idea of improvisation goes with the hand of a well written plan “I like to go with a well-written plan. You always have to try to get prepared for the things to come in your way. What you need to add is creativity and you have to be open for the new things”

If he could describe a treasurable moment it would be:

“Enjoying the view of the sunset behind the Buda hills while sitting in the Buda castle with my friends. “.

My three words to describe a Life Walker: “Open -minded, calm…and yes, I think I got stuck with this two words!”. 

Discover more about Norbert and his store project here!

Instagram: @zunstore

Website: Zun Store


Norbert is fan of our classic, Sisto Perforado Navy. You will find this one here.