Carola & Jordi. Makers by the sea.

When good music and creativity navigate the shores of people hearts.

Carola is a fashion designer who loves dogs, music, travel… and who likes to be surrounded by the people she loves. Jordi is passionate about music too and with his guitars he loves to play with his band.

They love traveling “Is one of our favourite hobbies because that inspires us to do the things we do in our work.” Their creations are always inspired from the places that they visited “This world is such a fantastic place to get inspired!”

Ivori started 4 yeas ago, we dreamed for long time about opening a shop focussed on local design and our own brand, Ivori, designed by Carola. NAIV came later together with Naguisa, they are making the shoes and we decided to join and open a new shop in Ciutadella, Menorca, because we both love that Island and thought this was the best place to start a project together.
Climb is our latest brand, here it is Jordi who manages, from long ago we wanted to make a men brand based on sweatshirts, shirts and t-shirts where each design has a reason to be.

The store situated in El Born, is very antique, the ceiling is 200 years old, with original paintings from that time, it’s amazing.

“It is a very small shop but with a lot of charm, everything is chosen very carefully. I always think about the best place for every single item with the aim of creating a very nice and warm atmosphere and to give the value each creation deserves. Lighting, music and smell are also aspects I take care myself very carefully to round the whole environment.”

For them life is a is a mix of improvisation and a well-written plan. “We love to improvise but you have to have a well settled start. I think that the saying -if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail- is true, improvisation will come and will be needed as you are in your way to accomplish your objectives.”

Inspiration for them it comes in an Island shape.
“Menorca is a place able to inspire anyone, its beaches, the sand, the landscape in general… it is so quiet and calm… you can just relax and let the inspiration flow in…”

They describe a Life Walker as “Someone curious, eager to discover, open and friendly, animal lover … nice people with a big heart.”

“Maians are super comfy! We can do a lot of things with them but the best thing will be to walk around Barcelona enjoying the weather and all the places that we like”

Jordi wears Faustino Beige  and Carola wears Clementina Vania Beige. Discover this one and similar models here.