Carlos a pragmatic creative mind.

A curious being who likes to have his feet on the ground. Someone focused on the technical, but passionate about creativity.

Carlos is, as he defines himself, a lifelong student with the soul of a teacher. A tourist and a nomad at the same time. A dictionary of words that do not yet exist. An album of photographs that are yet to be taken.

He’s originally from Madrid, and he tells us about his life walks “I have been lucky enough to visit around 40 countries throughout my life. Also I’ve lived in three countries with very different cultures. Lived in Seoul, Paris and Madrid. Living in South Korea marked me the most. I was there 4 years of my life, when I was 9 years old. It was an experience that I do not change for anything in the world, it’s what has made me what I am today.”

“When I capture a photo that conveys some sort of message, it means that I gave a reflection of my point of view or of my way of seeing an instant. My photography is often noted for its delicacy and subtlety, often with a bit of a disturbing vibe.”

In Madrid, he loves to get lost and discover new amazing areas around the province “I love to improvise, and Madrid really lends itself to it.”

Inspiration is an important part of my life. Inspiration can be found anywhere. A song, a foggy morning, a broken glass, a conversation with friends or family … If you put a sense of creativity and imagination to everything you do, inspiration forms a significant part of you.

He describes a Life Walker as a restless and curious being who seeks his unique path in the world.
It is someone who enjoys the every day vicissitudes.

“Comfort, versatility and reinvention of something classic. It is the perfect shoe for every occasion. I feel really connected to the style of Maians.”


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