Bruce. The multifaceted artist.

When knowing yourself is the best way to make things happen.

Bruce Martinez is an Art Director and a kind of multifaceted artist from Barcelona but seated in Los Angeles. He is the founder, creative director of MBC (Match Boys Collective) and art director at Insight 51.

Getting more into details Bruce is from Sant Muç, a small town up in the north of Barcelona. He studied Fine Arts and Design in Barcelona, and he specialized in Art Direction and Marketing in the UK and Australia.

“Since I was a kid I have been traveling as much as I could, so I’ve never had to much trouble in leaving a place and start everything again, actually it is a really pleasant sensation”

He made the jump to LA in order to study Film Direction and offer to his brand MBC a more international vision and potential.

His love for skateboarding and surfing pushed him to create MBC (Match Boys Collective) which is a brand that offers a new creative and artistic vision of the surf and skate culture, giving to the market a different point of view, highlighting the importance of the creative process as a playful zone.

“It all started just for fun. Posting photos, designs and videos in a blog, where the followers started to grow pretty quick, then the brand just become real by itself”

The love for art its something that runs in Bruce family as both of his parents are painters and he has travelled with them all around the world, where he visited museums, art galleries until the point that it woke up his art curiosity leading him to start painting and explore other creative fields.

“ All my life I’ve used art to express myself and I have been interested on different types of art”

As a creative person, we obviously had to ask him which it is his source of inspiration to which he answered that it was through doing activities that he likes. He finds it concretly in the night when everything is quiet, where he explores websites, reads books or magazines and listens to music.

“I agree with Picasso when he says that inspiration comes from working, so the more you do, the more creative you become”

Even if Bruce has travelled all around the world and has lived in different places, his number one city is Barcelona, as it is the city where he grew up.

What Bruce loves to do when he is in Barcelona is to go with his girlfriend for a walk and visit some museums, eat in a terrace close to the beach and meet his friends to have some beers and go out.

“There’s no place in the whole world better than Barcelona to eat and party”

Meanwhile, in LA Bruce has a much more quiet life, he prefers to wake up early and go surfing after that he likes to have a big breakfast and work on his projects, then he enjoys to spend his afternoons somewhere cool where he takes pictures and skates.

(Talking)About his projects that he showcases on his website,that includes bohemian and natural photographies. He thinks that, in order to take this kind of pictures, he has to capture the moment according to his point of view, that is what makes the picture original and unique. Making every moment the perfect moment to take a picture as somehow everything can be special and awesome at any time.

Besides of photography, Bruce also paints, illustrates, sculpts and is 100% involved in graphic design but he doesn’t have any preferences, for him its more important to do different things and keep coming with new images and ideas rather than being focused on just one thing. He loves to do research in different areas, even though he feels more comfortable with painting and illustration.

When Bruce works on one of his projects, his ultimate goal is that when people would see his work they would feel the same as what he felt when he took the picture, made the painting or drawing. He believes that images express by itself so he is glad if the message is received as well as he sent it.

For this multidisciplinary artist, his perfect day while he is wearing his Maians, it is when he wakes up early wears his Sisto Chambray, then he grabs some coffee in Abbot Kidney street, puts his surfboards on the top of his car and go somewhere where the waves are pumping to do a long surf session. He likes to have an açai bowl for lunch and chill at the beach. When he finishes with his surf session, he takes a shower and puts on something more classical like the model Sisto Rejilla black to then visit nice places, take some pictures, have a beer and watch the sunset from a terrace with ocean view.

He defines a Life Walker as someone who builds his own path, challenge himself and likes to adventure as according to Bruce adventures are always existing and are full of surprises. Moreover he describes a Life Walker as someone who likes simple pleasures of his routine and at the same time is hungry about new challenges.

“A Life Walker tries different paths to get to his goals”

Instagram: @brucemartinez

Instagram: @matchboyscolletive

Bruce wears Sisto Chambray and Sisto Rejilla Black. Discover this models here.

All the pictures of Bruce were taken by Elsa Melero.