Anna-Lena Möller. Maker and mover of creative projects.

It’s all about finding the magic.

 Anna-Lena is German by nature but she always had a deep connection to Sweden. Since she was a kid, she was always fascinated by the places, the people, the food, the archipelago…everything that surrounded this green place. After many years living in Hamburg and NYC, she moved to Stockholm to develop her carreer as Digital Marketeer (and many other creative projects!).

“Stockholm is always moving. It’s an incredible playground for creativity and innovation. The rhythm is calm but never stops. Here, there are so many cool corners to get lost and found at the same time. I love to wake up a bit earlier and take a new way to work. Always love the fact of experiencing new places, districts, spots… I use to try a coffee in a new café, almost daily”.

She is like the city. Besides her job in a cool digital agency, she is always creating and moving new creative projects as Petit Bien or Woolheart all connected by one of her passions: The Photography.
“For me a photo it’s more than just an image. It’s a feeling and the magic about the moment you just captured. Which sometimes disappears right after 1 sec. It is all about finding the magic. Life is so wonderful and pictures make possible to keep that memory, to remind the beauty of that unique second”.

Her curiosity and creative vision combined with her digital marketing experience, drive us to the one question: how creativity and digital world connect? “I think the digital world and innovations make even more complex to be creative. But for me that’s  a very positive thing”. And we agree!. Online world gives you access to a huge content for inspiration but you need to work harder to create your very own style, and be 100% authentic. “You always need to keep moving. The future is unpredictable. You never know what is coming next and you always have to be ready to adapt to changes. But, for me, this makes life so fantastic!.”

Walking together through the city we realized another connection between Stockholm and Hamburg: both cities are surrounded by water. “Water is essential. A person who lives by the sea is a happy, inspired and awake person. And for me this is the exact description of Maians and the concept Life Walker”.

Anna-Lena wears Fatima Pecan. Discover this one and similar models here.