Alessandro Tomassetti. Multidisciplinary artist.

Painting it’s just you, the materials and the choices you make.

Alessandro is creative to the core. He moves between fine art, fashion and photography, effortlessly combining disciplines towards work that is striking, alluring and always true to his aesthetic. “When I was a kid, I only needed a pencil and a stack of paper to be entertained; I’d lose track of time and draw for hours. As an adult I took “creative” positions with companies like Disney and Sony but I was always searching for the same immersive creative experience I had as a kid so I went back to basics, and started making things by hand again”.

Born in Canada with italian roots, Alessandro, has spent most of his life in LA. When he left the city he traveled around the world during one year and ended up choosing Barcelona as his new home.  His apartment breathes Barcelona in every corner, from the hydraulic tiles to the high clean ceilings, always with a fine design touch. We are sure the mixture of architecture and colors that you find in this city, inspires Alessandro’s work every single day.

“To be surrounded by beautiful colours and proportions leads to an understanding of how to create with beautiful colours and proportions. Now it’s part of myself. Sometimes I lay out my paints to start a new portrait and I think, How am I going to pull this off? and then, somehow, it happens”.

Nowadays, Alessandro is focusing his art in oil paiting and loves to lose track of time at his studio. Every day is a new beginning, a new challenge. “Get up early, drink good coffee. Head out and walk to Barna art supplies to pick up things that I need for my next painting. On the way back stop by Navarro for fresh flowers and maybe another coffee. Head home, arrange flowers, paint. This is the perfect plan while wearing my Maians”.

Talking about plans, Alessandro affirms he is a planner by nature but the truth is real life it’s more about planning the direction and not every stop along the way…”We need to leave room for improvisation, mistakes and happy accidents; the important thing is to learn, grow and always keep moving”

Instagram: @sosayssandro

Alessandro wears Sisto Perforado Yellow. Discover this one and similar models here.