Life Walker: An invidividual who walk trough life and enjoy every single step.

The idea started in the most unexpected way. “One day I walked into our office and while I was talking with my team, I was struck by a fascinating juxtaposition: our brand was born and raised in the traditional, local roots of Spain while at the same time our brand is creating a team made up of individuals from all corners of the world”. Different ages, characters and ideas sharing one thing in common, “they share the positive way to embrace life”. Our shoemakers, partners, customers, and collaborators…

From Barcelona to Seoul, each story was 100% authentic and unique. Seeing our local brand worn by all these different people all over the world was fascinating, so we wanted to document their stories and share it with the world. 

And then, our Life Walker journal was born.

And you, are you a Life Walker?

We are looking forward to meeting your story!

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About Maians.

Maians was born in 2008 in the authentic district of Barceloneta in Barcelona, Spain. The idea was to recover the shoemaking heritage of Spain, the traditional methods of how to create a shoe, and bring it to our current times. Since then, each collection is handcrafted in our traditional factories of La Rioja and built on 3 main pillars:

100% Made in Spain, Barceloneta Lifestyle and Sole Revival.

Discover our complete story here.