We – The People – are changing the way of doing things.
New ways of feeling, connecting or exploring bringing back the old good methods.

The way we interact with nature.
The way we travel the world.
The way we handcraft a pair of shoes.

We believe good things are made to stay and last.
From past to future, generation by generation, starting from Today.

And you. What do you revive?

The food has always been really important for the Mediterranean culture. When we seat on a table with our people or new ones is the way that we eat together everything it’s for everyone and that is the way that We Revive Sharing.
Maians is born in this essence. We not only revive the creation of a traditional shoe, we also revive the fabrics we use. Our goal is always use 100% natural fabrics and sometimes, small pieces that have been forgotten over years…This is something that many generations of shoemakers have been doing, from father to son, until Today.
Every shoe, every fabric, is connected to nature and tells a story by itself. 


Alba and Khaled are the visionary founders of PlateSelector. They showcase the power of sharing through everything they touch. Together with Nacho and María, they convert any foodie project in pure alchemy.
Plateselector is a platform of gastronomic diffusion that was born on 2013 in Barcelona with the intention of showing the most attractive aspects of the gastronomy that is in Spain.
From restaurants, bars, cocktail bars and hotels to shops, markets, markets, wineries, vineyards and farms, any establishment that serves some food interests them. Especially if they have a history or a respect for the environment and the consumer health.
Know more about their story here or here
Thank you Plateselector Team for being part of our story through the eyes of:
Olga de la Iglesia (Photography) & Aleix Rodón (Video).