Maians Octaevo Shoe over blue background



We are happy to announce the launch of a very unique capsule collection in collaboration with the creative stationery brand and design studio Octaevo.

Wwearing Octaevo Maians White Shoes

Combining the authentic design of Maians designer, Alfonso de la Fuente, with the taste and aesthetic of OCTAEVO´s creative director Marcel Baer, this collection will be both exciting and fresh. The capsule collection will be comprised of two styles (both unisex) featuring an exclusive insole and packaging that reflects the mix of both Mediterranean labels.

„The idea was to combine the traditional craftsmanship of Maians and the creative and bespoke design of Octaevo through a unique, thoughtful capsule collection. The classic Maians style Sisto seen through the eyes of another vibrant and fresh Mediterranean spirit“.

Meeting while designing Octaevo MaiansSetting patterns for Octaevo MaiansOctaevo Maians pattern

Exclusive summer print designed

by Octaevo only for Maians!

This is how a new exclusive print was born, designed by the hands of Octaevo. “The essence of summer is captured in this vivid pattern made of graphic shapes and forms, each of them representing a typical Mediterranean icon; the sea, the waves, sail boats and the sun. A lively print for a dynamic summertime shoe that takes you to exciting places”

Wearing Maians Octaevo Blue Shoes

The perfect pair for all the Mediterranean makers, explorers and dreamers!

Maians Octaevo Shoes over a white background

Discover this 2 amazing models here.

Close-Up for White Octaevo Maians
Close-up of Blue Octaevo Maians