Walked by inspiring people crafting memorable stories.

„This is a tribute to the golden 80s.
A time of changes for good, incredible contrasts and endless fun.
New ways of living, dancing and thinking were born every second, on every street. During those days, the common aim was to do something that was extraordinary in the moment.

There was no past, no future. And we discovered the power of now. This is also a tribute to all who – like you – drive us to keep this spirit alive.

A tribute to our people.“

Our shoemakers have been making super comfortable shoes that have walked the streets, beaches, bars and cafes of Spain for nearly a century. Our vulcanized line is a symbol of authenticity and history.

The natural rubber, the unique smell and the colorful fabrics will always keep you moving day and night, rain or shine!

This season we beat the celebration mood dressed in genuine Back!

Our rst leather creations have given rise to a new Maians style. This season we launch ‘The Black Collection’ an exclusive version of Leon, Silvio and Nautico crafted in authentic soft Leather selected by our original shoemakers.

White is the color of light, possibility and great beginnings.

The White Collection brings together our styles Leon, Silvio and our new model Nautico crafted in a ne and clean white leather curated by our shoemakers. It’s time to dive in and play…white!

We head back to the 80’s to nd the origin of our GTI style. These were the golden days of the sport industry, when our Spanish shoemakers started creating their very first sneakers.

This sole is a piece of our roots converting this line into a unique and comfortable life story.

Avelino, Odon and Liberto represent the traditional rural boots that were designed and built to withstand the daily rhythm of the country life.

The revamp of these original styles handcrafted in colorful suede will beat all the urban walks of this season.

Campaign Images by Olga de la Iglesia.

Video by Aleix Rodón.