Each pair of Maians is carefully handmade, one by one, by our shoemakers.

Being true to the shoemaking tradition, each pair of Maians is handmade locally by our Spanish ‘zapateros’.

Using only high quality, regionally produced materials together with local natural rubber we are proud to introduce you a product completely made by a traditional manufacturing process:



When the fabrics have been sourced and selected by our design team, they are then sent to our local factories and go directly to our first step: the cutting.

The cutting of the patterns upon the carefully selected high quality fabrics requires a great deal of care and specialist knowledge.



Once the pieces are ready, our shoemakers sew together the pattern pieces to create the shoe upper. This is a highly skilled step, which not only forms the shoe upper, but also creates an element of the aesthetics of Maians combining the contrast of fabric textures together with colorful piping.



The next step is a shoe construction technique in which rubber is heated in a mould to form the bottom of a shoe and then the upper and sock are placed into it. This process is known as vulcanizing and is part of the artisanal Spanish shoemaking process.

This is a painstaking process that results in a unique product. The soles are then allowed to dry naturally for a few days and then the shoe will be ready for finishing.

The last step of our genuine process is the quality check and finishings. Laces are placed through the eyelets and the Maians insole is inserted for comfort before a final inspection. The shoes are then packed in our new 100% recycled boxes and dispatched to their new owners.