Barceloneta Lifestyle

Inspired by a unique neighbourhood: La Barceloneta, the perfect mix between beach culture & cosmopolitan life.

The name ‘Maians’ brings us back to Barcelona’s history, when Barceloneta was created by connecting the island of Maians to the old city of Barcelona in the 18th century. This barrio became the meeting point of artists, fishermen, travelers, bar flies and local merchants. Since then, this singular district has built a unique community that combines a laid-back Mediterranean beach culture with the cosmopolitan lifestyle of one of Europe’s most dynamic cities.

We consider this full-of-life neighbourhood as the birthplace of Maians and our endless source of inspiration: from its singular streets and colorful balconies to its delicious food and Mediterranean waves. Barceloneta is a veritable melting pot of contrasts, people, cultures, colours, textures, tastes and sounds bringing to the city big doses of authenticity and uniqueness.